• Whether you're getting ready to turn over your keys or spruce up your new digs, we'll make your space sparkle. We'll kneel down to scrub in hard-to-reach corners and get under and behind furniture. And our cleaning checklists are extensive—you won't have to worry about things being missed.

    Windows: glass dusting and cleaning (including frames).
    Balconies: ceiling, walls, floor and fence dusting and cleaningCeiling walls, baseboards and floors: cleaning, sanitizing and paint /glue/cement stains removal
    All doors polishing
    All faucets and stainless-steel items polish
    Cabinets, drawers, counter-tops cleaning and disinfecting inside out
    Clean and sanitize sink, drains, bathtubs, shower rooms, toilet (bowl/ seats/lid/ flush), shower curtains, steam room and Jacuzzi.